Saturday, 19 May 2012


Finished my Foundation diploma at Camberwell successfully. Hurrah! 
Here are a few snaps from our final show. 

Installation by a Photography and Media student 

 Films by the Photography and Media students

Really liked these photos by a photography student

This student, Roman Cadafalch, made up these receipts of all the things he bought over the three terms at CCW

 The Illustration Shop!

My work, hidden away in a corner

A lovely book by Illustration student Vivien Mildenberger

Loved this book by Szu-Wei Chu

Amazing embroidery work by Michiru Shin

A hillarious project where a Graphics student photographed a man on the tube and created a  crazy love story around

Quite a nice show! Sadly I won't be returning to study further but maybe that will mean I will update on here a bit more.

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