Sunday, 10 June 2012

Film : Fine Totally Fine

Having signed up for Love Film recently, I have mainly been enjoying 30 Rock Series 1 & 2 coming through the post (although massive sad face that you can't 'rent' any other series), anyway I have also been making use of their instant streaming. Some strange but cute (as well unbelievably cheesy) films. Most recently I watched 'Fine Totally Fine' (全然大丈夫 Zenzen daijōbu)  Sometimes it's hard to tell how good a japanese film really is, as I generally find any film with a wide enough depiction of the inside of a regular japanese apartment and scenes of eating japanese food pretty bloody fantastic! This film was cute, sensitive and a just a little bit stupid. I could easily imagine native japanese film lovers to perhaps not find this film appealing at all. Nevermind. I took some film stills... 

Wow - pastels!

The main characters were so sweet! 

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