Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Friday

Second day of my no dairy products in my stomach for at least a week! Breakfast soya milk and granola, lunch soba noodle soup with an egg - so comforting! This morning saw a solo drawing trip to the National History Museum, I tried to get some sketches of the amazing animals (particularly the elephant for my current project) but was defeated by the masses of schoolchildren. Cheered myself up with Frankie magazine (although Brixton tube station kiosk only had the November/December issue) which I enjoyed with a chocolate Moomin and a soya latte (!) I did a bit of sewing and watched a lot of Gilmore Girls, sadly very little self directed work got done. Let's hope tomorrow looks better! Oh and I also took a picture of my bike (my dad's old Bianchi from 1973!), which I also need to work on this weekend before I throw myself out on those oh so scary London streets. The Times has launched a campaign to make London a safer place to cycle (after one of their journalists was hit by a lorry right outside their offices and has been left in critical state), good to see such a large newspaper put this on their front page - back them up!

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