Monday, 11 June 2012


For date night we finally tried out the Okonomiyaki place in Brixton Village called Okan. And it was really lovely! I was in love with the wooden kitchen area of the small box they occupy and just about everything. I had one with  pork and for an extra £1 had kimchi and noodles on top. Very nice, very filling and nice and cheap. I think some might find the okonomiyaki without noodles not quite enough. After some more drinks around the corner we went to the Ritzy to see the new Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom - it was everything you'd want from a Wes Anderson film.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Film : Fine Totally Fine

Having signed up for Love Film recently, I have mainly been enjoying 30 Rock Series 1 & 2 coming through the post (although massive sad face that you can't 'rent' any other series), anyway I have also been making use of their instant streaming. Some strange but cute (as well unbelievably cheesy) films. Most recently I watched 'Fine Totally Fine' (全然大丈夫 Zenzen daijōbu)  Sometimes it's hard to tell how good a japanese film really is, as I generally find any film with a wide enough depiction of the inside of a regular japanese apartment and scenes of eating japanese food pretty bloody fantastic! This film was cute, sensitive and a just a little bit stupid. I could easily imagine native japanese film lovers to perhaps not find this film appealing at all. Nevermind. I took some film stills... 

Wow - pastels!

The main characters were so sweet! 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I have finally started cycling to work. A comfortable 7-8 miles each way, it is less scary than I had imagined, although I eased myself in by starting over the Jubilee weekend which I so luckily had to work. My bike failed me a few times but I hope with a few more tweaks I should have a good runner.


  • Felt I should be a bit more festive on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend so made some paper bunting and hung it over the bed. 
  • Then headed up to the Myatt's Field Jubilee party up the road - cake competition! 
  • I bought a slice of the 2nd place cake... and understood why it came in 2nd place
  • Spotted Joe Cornish of Adam and Joe (and Director of Attack the Block) and took a creepy stalker photo of him
  • Band stand played some jazz as swing dancers danced in front and held a small lesson - would love to try it out some time
  • The next day along the Thames people gathered in the rain to watch the Flotilla