Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I have finally started cycling to work. A comfortable 7-8 miles each way, it is less scary than I had imagined, although I eased myself in by starting over the Jubilee weekend which I so luckily had to work. My bike failed me a few times but I hope with a few more tweaks I should have a good runner.


  • Felt I should be a bit more festive on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend so made some paper bunting and hung it over the bed. 
  • Then headed up to the Myatt's Field Jubilee party up the road - cake competition! 
  • I bought a slice of the 2nd place cake... and understood why it came in 2nd place
  • Spotted Joe Cornish of Adam and Joe (and Director of Attack the Block) and took a creepy stalker photo of him
  • Band stand played some jazz as swing dancers danced in front and held a small lesson - would love to try it out some time
  • The next day along the Thames people gathered in the rain to watch the Flotilla 

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