Monday, 15 November 2010

Fling Gern

Düsseldorf Flingern is my hood. Unfortunately I don't spend much time in it because I'm a little bit lazy and find it all a bit too spread out, which is a shame as it has so many lovely places to go. Today I ventured through the borough in the rain and was sad to see a lot of places had closed although some were being replaced by pop up stores which are also nice to see, it is sad to see the end of others. The area is quite a creative rich area, with some beautiful old buildings and tree lined "Allees", the cafes and bars are also quite bohemian and aesthetically faddy in a way creating a unique type community, this can be seen with posters with great graphics promoting events and fellow businesses of the area. I especially love all the different typefaces and tiles!

 Watch out for a lot more Flingern based posts.

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