Sunday, 24 October 2010

BBB Johannes Deimling

I saw this video from BBB Johannes Deimling at the Eating the Universe exhibition at the Düsseldorf Kunsthalle earlier this year. The whole exhibition was fantastic. I often remember a video I saw from Elke Krystufek where she just eats slices of ham whilst reading and listening to a casette tape of old german folk songs, unfortunately I can not find anything related to that video. But through my scouring I found Bread or Alive and more work from Johannes Deimling. Here he lives covered in alaphabet pasta.


"Description of action My body is covered allover with severeal kilograms noodle-letters. Motionless, like a sculpture I am sitting on a stool."

Edit: I have since found more information about Elke Krystufek's eating ham video "Eating/Vomiting", 1992. What I didn't see during the, maybe, 5 minutes I watched, was that she eats various food items for, I think 40 minutes, and for the following 20 minutes throws it up.

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