Sunday, 31 October 2010

Can do attitude

Reusing old food packaging is all well if you have a purpose for it. I have occasionally used a can of chickpeas as a plant pot, a plastic grape container as the plants water dish, and old sweet boxes for storing jewellery. But you can't fill your house up with all your cans and plastics. I had a look at other suggestions with what to do with old fizzy drinks cans. I found a stupid list of things I did not want or need; picture frames, wreaths, centerpieces etc  so I thought about what I did want, I drew a can I had, I thought about bringing him alive; giving him arms and legs. I thought about buying another can, and cycling to the shop; although it is scary thought cycling around Düsseldorf with the lack of bike paths, fast cars and tram tracks. If more people rode bikes, bike paths would become a necessity... more cheap bikes, make bikes out cans.... I know this is a ridiculous idea and so I went about making a bike out of this can. Using the top and the bottom as wheels, a couple of pipecleaners, some tape and a mini pom pom I ended up with this piece of shit.

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