Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wise Words?

My dad always points out if a restaurant is really Japanese by whether the people that work there are all japanese or not, and that fusion food is basically a load of bollocks (my words not his). Does it matter where the food is from and whether the food is cooked and served in it's traditional manner? Tommy writes on her blog, This is Naive, that is should surely come down to whether it tastes good. Food for me is there to be enjoyed, so surely if it tastes good - who cares? I live to eat, not eat to live! When you dine in a Chinese/Japanese restaurant is it important to know which dish came from where? Will the Surinaams food in a Surinaams/Chinese restaurant be authentic when these countries are geographically so far apart? I do get a bit judgemental when other diners eat sushi thinking that raw fish is all there is to japanese food, or they simply think that sushi means raw fish. Although in all honesty I really don't know much more about japanese food than that. As Tommy also points out that with immigration and multi-cultural societies people will be exposed to new recipes and ingredients, which are bound to be adapted and created into new things. Ramen and Gyoza are generally associated to Japanese food, although they are both originally from China.... I don't know where I'm going with this... maybe, all I want to say is I think Wiener Sushi (nirgiri) looks gross.

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